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Cincinnati's First Annual Witches Ball

Come One, Come all to the first annual Witches Ball!

On Friday the 13th the moon was full and 600 people gathered at The Southgate House to celebrate Samhain. This witches night out was the largest gathering that The Southgate House has ever hosted. Pagans and mundanes came from all over the tri-state area and beyond to be a part of the festivities.

Pictures will be posted soon! If you have pictures you would like to share on this website, or pics of those who helped out please e-mail them to Rev. Banshee.

Meet someone interesting that night??

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  • We would like to thank the Cincinnati Pagan Community for making this event such a success! The supportive e-mail and calls really kept us on track. It's all about community!

The Venue: The Southgate house 24 East Third Street Newport, KY 606-431-2201 map! Read more about the venue.

Our Vendors: "The Occult Shop", "Spiral Light", "Pyramid Leather Crypt", "Eye of the Crone", "Mercury Publishing". Look for them on the upper level.

Catering: Kim of "Coven of the Illuminated Shadow".

The Committee:
Decorations: Luna, Summor from "Coven of the Illuminated Shadow", Lydia Justice and Loren Muzzy.

Music Coordinator: Blade ("Coven of the Illuminated Shadow")

"Wicced" Graphic: Loren Muzzy

Media relations and Cat herder: Mike Manor (Gaius)("CIS" and "Temple of Dionysus")

Public Relations: Aurillia ("CIS" and "Temple of Dionysus")

The Play: Priest by "Loren Muzzy", "Priestess" by Lydia Justice, "Death" by Gaius ("CIS" and "ToD"), "Time" by Mr. Mojo ("CIS") Written and directed by "Rev. Banshee" ("CIS"& "ToD") Music played was "Dead Can Dance"

Tickets: Designed and printed by Maeve ("Y Tylwyth Tylluan")

Website & Handbills: Why that's me, Banshee. "Hi there"

Thanks to: Diane, Shadow Wolf, Grace, LdyMyztic, Bonnie, Foxy Dot, Frankie Z., Luke, Cincypagan (Raven), Bodhi, Melanie, and "Coven of the Illuminated Shadow". "The Occult Shop" (Witch Ball central & Vendor), "Spiral Light" (Vendor), "Pyramid Leather Crypt" (Vendor), "Crazy Ladies Books", "The Thing Shop", "White Raven", "Aquarius Books", "Amethyst Books", "Gypsy Moon".

They all helped at some point the ball along the way.

All the money made from "The Witches Ball" will go towards next years ball. See you there!

Sign and read the "Guestbook of Shadows"




New Graphics Coming! Please spread the word with one of our graphics! Art done by Loren Muzzy.