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Cincinnati Pagan Resource Directory: Solitary Practioners & Individuals

Lady Isobel Wren: Alternative Lifestyle, vampire, website

Rev. Banshee:Wiccan Priestess, Reiki Master, Psychic, website

Censi (aka Lady Silverhorse): website

Tara Kemen E-mail

SilverRavenCat Website

Robert & Tamara E-mail

Lunarwolf MoonPhaser E-mail

Amethyst Moonbow E-mail

Amethyst Moonwater E-mail

Raven E-mail

Mantis (Tony): Reiki Master Teacher E-mail

Medicine Woman: Healer E-mail

Mr. Mojo: Voodoo Practioner E-mail

Ellen: Hosts Sabbats, and many wonderful events.The Best place if you are a newbie! E-mail

Cime Shadow Weaver: E-Mail

Anthony Welker: Solo practioner of Wicca. E-Mail WebSite

Psyche Storm: I follow a path of very eclectic witchcraft and goddess worship. E-Mail - Website

Absinthe: High Magick, Pagan, Wicca. E-Mail

Gwynwhyfar: Wiccan, Eclectic. E-Mail

Debbie Gambill: Location is Prestonsburg Ky. I would like to meet other people that live in
eastern ky that think and believe in the wicca ways and to possibly find an established coven in this area. E-Mail

Nathan Keenan: Located in Middletown, Oh. Paths: Irish paganism/shamanism. Is an Ordained Minister and Priest of Witta. Always willing to share knowledge and learn from like minds. E-Mail

Trevor VanRichten: Druid/Semi-Trancendentalist/Celtic Mystic. E-Mail

Christy Wooley: If you are in the Toledo ohio area and are looking for others to meet with, let me know. No know it all's please. open minded, patient, and out going persons only. E-Mail

Lily Moonstone: I am looking for pagans or others of like minds to befriend in the area(chatting, studying) Would love to hear from you. E-Mail

Shadowcatcher: Cincinnati, Ohio, Eclectic Witch. E-Mail

Sage: I'm looking for other Gay Pagans in the Cincinnati area for friendship, spiritual cohorts, study partners. E-Mail

Nightstorm: I've been a minister with ULC for about 7 years now. I 'm a GWM living by UC. I'm looking to become part of a coven. Certainly need pagan friends. E-Mail

Thursye: Located- pasadena, md. My path is quite a muddle from norse ,alexandrian,to your basics. iso intellingent conversation on a wide variety of subjects. E-Mail

Tye Dye: Cincinnatian looking for other friends of the Goddess & God. Solo practioner of High & Low/Seax-Wiccan/Eclectic. E-Mail

Sharyn: Pendelton County, Kentucky. Eclectic Witch of 12 years would like to meet others of like minds for celebrations of Sabbats, good company, or just e-mail exchanges of ideas. E-Mail

NightWolFFang: Cincinnati/Colerain Township. MM to all looking for ppl that can help with Q. i may have and wanting to learn more. E-Mail

Raven Silverwing: Batavia, Ohio. Eclectic Pagan, Cherokee Indian. I'm currently solitary looking for other Pagans to connect with. I have Aim : RavenGirl2072 and yahoo messenger : raven_silverwing. I'm willing to teach people what I know or help you find the info you are looking for. E-Mail Website

Kelly: Forest Park. Primarily Wiccan, but very eclectic. E-Mail Website

Kathloeen Lovett: Northern Kentucky. Wiccan,Eclectic. I am very eager to learn as much as possible and looking for direction from fellow Wiccans and other spiritual friendlies who have patience to teach. E-Mail

Nightsky: St. Bernard. Dianic/Ecclectic/Wiccan/Witch. Solitary Dianic Witch would like to network with other Dianic Witches for purposes of possibly meeting for the Sabbats and eventually forming a working Coven. There are requirements- please inquire through e-mail. E-Mail

Blaze Dragon: Cincinnati. I am a martial arts, and magi. magick and martial arts are my life. i write poems and stories, i draw and read, and play games board, video, computer or card, all sorts. I really like to be out side,. and enjoy the company of pagans to most.. i a m 5'9" and have long black hair down to my mid back. i have broad shoulders and strong arms. E-Mail

Of course there are hundreds more pagans in the area. Maybe you're one of them?? Sign up is fast and easy. E-mail me here with your name, e-mail and website if available!

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