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As a child Banshee experienced psychic visions and astral travel. She began studying religion and philosophy outside her family beliefs in 1989. Her inborn curiosity about the Occult (secret) led her to the study of psychic phenomenon. At the age of seventeen she began to investigate her psychic gifts with the Tarot cards. In 1992 she began working at the Warehouse Night Club, reading tarot, and counseling. Banshee has taught classes on varies subjects at Psychic Fairs, Festivals, University Gatherings and book stores. She has worked at events including an Imago gathering, A Day in Eden, Victory Books Psychic Fair, Violet Vortex Psychic Fair, The Southgate House, Kaldi's, Tavern in the Woods, Salem West Book Store, and at Bogarts. During that time she grew in her gifts, and strengthened her connection to the universe. Acknowledging her calling, in 1997 she became an ordained minister. Banshee is a counselor and healer, wishing to provide for those of any faith or background.


Past Lives: Let Banshee be your host through the journey of your past lives. She uses a relaxation though guided meditation method of freeing the mind to receive pictures and information of your lives past. You will see it all unfolding before your eyes, as if in a full color dream. Banshee has been performing Past Life Regressions since 1991. The entire process take about an hour and a half.
Tape recorded sessions available.

Reiki Healing Reiki is an ancient method of healing the body/mind/heart and spirit. Reiki means "Life Force." The practitioner channels this life force energy through a series of symbols. This is a powerful healing method, known to cause great change in one's life. Through laying the hands on or just above the body, the reiki energy travels through out the entire spirit. Reiki works in a cycle of 21 days causing deep life affirming changes. Reiki appointments last for about 2 hours.

Psychometry This is the art of reading psychic vibrations off of objects. Commonly jewelry worn by the client is read by the practitioner. This type of reading can alert you to health issues, troubled emotions, and secret desires. Find out about yourself and receive advice on how to make your life more enjoyable. Psychometry appointments take about a Half of an hour.
Tape recorded sessions available.
Aura The aura is an electromagnetic field that emits from the body. By reading the Aura one can be alerted to any psychical, mental or emotional problem. Our energy field is effected every day. Unless it is properly cleansed the energy build up can cause real psychical problems. During a session the practitioner reads the aura and explains what the colors mean. When the troubled area's have been spotted the practitioner leads the client through the cleansing prosses. This service takes about an hour.
Tape recorded sessions available.
Ministerial Are you in need of a minister for a special event. Banshee a High Priestess of Wiccan and initiate of Buddhism. She is available for Handfastings, Rites of Passage, Initiations, Weddings, Wiccanings, and Requiems. Personalized, original or traditional ceremonies, for any spiritual occasion.

To make an appointment with Banshee, or receive info. contact or write to Rev. Banshee 802 Blackbird Landing Road Townsend, Delaware 19734.

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