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Pagan Shops

The Occult Shop: 3647 West 8th st. Price Hill, Cincinnati, Ohio Phone: 513-471-5200 Website - E-Mail (All pagan paths)

Aquarius Books: Main St., Downtown Cincinnati, Ohio Phone: (513) 721-5193 (All pagan paths)

WoodSprite:923 Vine st., Cincinnati, Ohio Phone: (513) 651-2231 (Pagan)

Amethyst:11921 Montgomery rd, Cincinnati, Ohio Phone: (513) 677-0220 (New-Age)

DeRaphiel: In Clifton on Ludlow, Cincinnati, Ohio (Buddhist)

Praktikal Magik: The Website-

Midnight Muse: An on-line affiliate store owned by a Cincinnati Pagan. Website

Shadows of the Goddess: An e-bay store owned by a Kentucky local- ritual garb and more! Website

Silver Heart International: We have a store in the Eastgate Mall, Cincinnati, Ohio and an online store (not up yet). We carry many metaphysical products, feng shui, aromatheraphy products, books, stones, shells, mirrors, and mobiles. Website

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