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Meet the Owners

BansheeMerry Meet,
I am Banshee, co-owner of "The Keltic Knot". I have been active in the local community since 1990. At 16 I began acting in the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the now defunct SkyWalk theater. During my time with "Rocky" I met pagans for the first time. Through the years I have been affiliated with the pagan shows (now defunct) on WAIF radio various psychic fairs, bookstores, and Green Dome Temple (still going strong). In 1992 Dave, the former owner of the Warehouse night club gave me my first break in the psychic business. He set me up in my own little room and let me read Tarot cards whenever I wanted. I worked at the Warehouse for over 5 years. I also worked for a short time for A.J. at Salem West in Columbus. During that time I branched out in the pagan and psychic/healing communities. In Nov. of 97 I moved to Delaware to be with my then fiancee whom I met on-line. We moved back to Cincy in April of 99 to buy "The Keltic Knot". Stop in and see me sometime :).

Meet Rev. Dean Brown aka Mr. Mojo

I am Dean Brown or D.B. Mojo, co-owner of the Keltic Knot. I am a traditional Reiki master and ordained minister. I am currently working on a new product line in which I will sell at the Keltic Knot, called Mr. Mojo's Magickal Mixtures. Mojo's Mixtures, are affordable and easy to use magick kits, potions, and mixtures. I am a 20 something Aquarius eclectic pagan, and practicing magickan, new to the Cincinnati area. I am also a writer, specializing in prose and poetry, as well as short fiction based on issues of the occult. My family background includes both Druidic heritage and Pennsylvania Dutch, so magick has been a part of my bloodline for centuries. I consider my self to be well read and practiced in Candle, colour, herbal, and gemstone magick, Wiccan sympathetic magick, Greek and Roman mythology, semi-precious and magick stones, and Christianity. Currently I am in various degrees of studying many occult based subjects, such as High Magick, Quabalah, Santeria and Voudon, Enochian Magick, Yantra magick squares and numerology, Biorhythms, reading runes and the tarot, Aura reading, Astral projection, Eastern and Egyptian philosophies and Deities, and Western and Oriental astrology. Quite a list, eh? Although I am a master to none of these subjects, I am knowledable in these fields and I enjoy discussing them. In the future I plan to get my Doctorates in Metaphysics and Religion, open an Eclectic church, and teach classes on various subjects at The Keltic Knot. Be sure to come out and see Rev. Banshee and myself...
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This is Mandrake. He is a 7 year old persian. You may see him creeping around the store from time to time. He's a wise and furry witch. A true familiar since birth. If you enjoy talking to animals try a convo with this Witchy Kitty.

Dylan Lore Brown, our newest editon. Born on July 3rd, his astrological chart proves much psychic potential. He hangs out in the store a lot, mostly sleeping and consuming milk. He likes bright lights and soft music. Anyone have a good spell for making babues sleep through the night?? :)



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