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Kate's music touches the soul with a languid, haunting intensity. She comforts, enthrals, enpassions, and may leave you weeping at the shear beauty that inhabits her. With a gentle breath her voice touches the deepest part of the heart. Even in her most sorrowful moments she is uplifting. Kate lets you into her deepest thoughts, feelings and wraps us in intimacy.
Kate writes all her own lyrics and plays a number of instruments. Her lyrics are intelligent, ranging from folklore to deep spirituality. Her creativity with music has brought the fairlight into popularity. A little know fact is that Kate and her tour crew invented the first form of the "head set" microphone.
I invite you to listen to, or read samples of her great talent. Some song samples I have posted here you will not find on any album. These jewels are rare bits of the beauty that is Kate Bush.
Now available, in association with, new on line samples of Kate Bush's most popular works. Also easy on line purchasing with a company you trust.

Music Files below are in MP3 format

Disbeliving Angel
The Craft of Love
LaMour Looks Something Like You
Strange Phenomenon

Music Files below are in .wav format


Music Files below are in midi format (found around the www)

Army Dreamers
Cloud Busting
December will be Magic again
Don't Give Up (Peter Gabriel)
Don't Push your Foot on the Heartbreak
Under the Ice
The Kick Inside
England my Lionheart
Man with the Child in his Eyes
Womans Work

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The Kick Inside
Never for Ever
The Dreaming
Hounds of Love
The Whole Story
The Sensual World
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