Ministers, Priests, and Clergy

Legal Clergy (can solemnize marriages in the state of Ohio)

Rev. Banshee: Minister with the ULC for 5 years, also a priestess of Wicca, and Buddhist initiate. I have solomnized 4 legal handfastings, and many non-legal. Owner of "The Occult Shop"{and webmistress} . Contact 513-471-5200

Blade Pryor: Minister with the Universal Life Church, Priestess of Aphrodite, and Crone of the "Coven of the Illuminated Shadow". Contact: 513-471-5200

Michael A. Manor: A licensed minister of the American Fellowship Church since 1984, licensed to solemnize marriages by the State of Ohio, founder and chief priest of the Roman Caesarian Church, sage of the Coven of the Illuminated Shadow, former co-director of the Ohio State Chapter of Witches Against Religious Discrimination, and former host of “Night Talk with the Knighthawk” and “Pagan Forum” on WAIF FM in Cincinnati, Ohio. E-Mail

OOTNSR: has three ordained ministers who are registered in the State of Ohio and are also 3rd degree HPS's. They are available for all types of clergy work. For more info contact us at

Rev. Rowan Elizabeth: Eclectic 3rd degree high priestess, The Rowan Circle, certified dream analyst and spiritaul counselor.


Selenea: Beattyville, KY. I am willing to teach basic witchcraft to anyone over the age of 18. I am a Norse Shaman & a follower of Odin. E-mail



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