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Greater Cincinnati Pagan Community Council

We are a collective of local pagans who came together through the planning and executing of the first annual Witches Ball in October of 2000. Our second endeavor was the "Hearthfire Festival" with Isaac Bonewits and Charles Arnold in June 2000. We are now planning another Witches Ball for October. In the future we would like to host a psychic fair.
We are all volunteers. None of us are paid for planning and executing these events. The money raised from the events goes into the Council bank account to help pay for the next event. We do hope one day to be able to purchase land on which to hold festivals. For now we work on a shoe string budget.
We hope to bring together like minded others for a few hours or a few days to celebrate our spirituality and individuality.

Resource Mission Statement: The Cincinnati Pagan Resource Directory was created to bring together local pagans (Ohio, Indiana, Kentucky) and those who are pagan friendly for networking and webweaving. Some examples of how this can work is: -You invite your heating and air guy/girl out for a yearly check up on the house. They see your altar in the living room and then try to convert you.- You begin your child's dance lessons and the teacher looks at you horrified as your child explains that she is a witch.- You are turned down for a bank loan because you were wearing a pentacle.- You are looking for gainful employment in a pagan friendly atmosphere-. You wish to give back to your community.- You want to meet others of like mind within driving distance.- You want to find a coven.- There are any number of scenarios and reasons. So take the easy road the first time and check here first!