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Occult Community 100

E-mail Lists.

The Following is a list of e-mail groups. You can join them for free and network with those near you! The ORIGINAL list for Pagans located in Cincinnati, Ohio. A A way for us to find each other, find out about local events and groups, and discuss things happening in Cincinnati. We will also discuss any aspect of Paganism that comes up. Join us to speak with locals of like mind, be updated on all classes and events at "The Occult Shop" in Cincinnati, Ohio. This is a new group being started for pagans who attend the University of Cincinnati. The Kentucky Pagan Forum is designed to help bring like-minded Pagan people together. If you are of Wiccan/Pagan interest and live in the state of Ohio then this list is for you! This list is a way for all Ohio Wiccans and Pagans to network and met other people with the same intrests. Invitations and Calenders for Solar Circle Gatherings. We are a Pagan Group that meets in Lebanon, Ohio

Gnostic Society of Cincinnati

Pagan and Wiccan Clergy Network: The Pagan and Wiccan Clergy Network is a support system for those who serve as clergy within the Pagan movement.

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