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Covens - Study Groups - Community


Coven of the Illuminated Shadow: (Eclectic) Website E-mail Meets in Price Hill in Cincinnati at "The Occult Shop" on Sundays. See website for further information.

Degarrin:(Wiccan-based religious order) Email Website Contact: Rev. Kai Brockman or Rev. Angela Clementi

Y Tywyth Tulluan: (Celtic) Website contact Maeve Priestess

O.O.T.N.S.R.:(Eclectic) Website "Order of the Night Star Rising, Midwest Chapter". We are an Eclectic group studying all paths of Wicca, Ascension Mastery, Light Work, Incan and Peruvian Mysteries. Meeting inFairfield, OH.

Rev. Sonya: Eclectic/Gothic, Enochian, Wiccan, etc. Owenton, Kentucky. Collective traditions of Witches coming together to
get to know each other and learn about new things together. A cyber-coven is offered as well as on-line membership forms to those who wish to join our local coven for esbats and sabbats. Details on web site. We also offer guidance to people of all ages who have questions and are seeking answers. Healing and prayer circles are also formed to those who request it.
E-mail - Website

Oaken Circle Grove: Hello we are the Oaken Circle grove of Northern Ky. We
just started in Novemeber 2001. We are an independant affiliate of the MOCC (Missionary Order of the Celtic Cross) , the mother grove was formed in 1983.Sherry our archdruidess is ordained to perform legal handfastings in Ky , ordained by the ULC. If you are interested in our grove please email us, or check out our webpage. hope to hear from you. E-mail Website

Study Groups:

NightSky: St. Bernard. Dianic/Ecclectic/Wiccan/Witch. Solitary Dianic Witch would like to network with other Dianic Witches for purposes of possibly meeting for the Sabbats and eventually forming a working Coven. There are requirements- please inquire through e-mail.

Ingrun & Madrigal: Cincinnati Ohio. We are an Asatru kindred committed providing a comfortable atmosphere where all may worship the Deities freely, in the Germanic tradition. E-Mail Website

Kindred Spirits Hearth: (Asatru)Website contact: Webmaster

The Occult Shop: Classes on all Pagan paths including Wicca, Paganism, Ceremonial Magick, Psychic Instruction, Spiritual development, History, Voodoo, Ritual Construction, Spell Craft and much more! Website Contact: Rev. Banshee

The Rowan Circle: Offers counseling, pagan parenting and much more! Rev. Rowan Elizabeth

Community: Organization: Middletown, Ohio. The Pagan Organization for Wicca's Eternal Rebirth (P.O.W.E.R.netŠ) and its Members are dedicated to preserving the Religious and GLBT Rights of persons who follow the Pagan, Wiccan, Buddhist, Hindu, Egyptian, Native American, and Celtic Shamanist Religious Paths. Our primary goal is to educate and enlighten those who lack understanding, are intolerant, or are misinformed about Paganism and Alternate Lifestyles. We work together to dispell the myths and stereotypes held by uneducated minds in our society. We foster Unity among our Brothers and Sisters upon Mother Earth to bring peace and harmony into the World. E-mail

Ellen Parker:
Hosts seasonal rituals. Find out about her E-mailing

C.U.U.P.S.: website contact: Bobbye

Dark Moon Circle: website Meets at the Dark of the Moon. Contact: Foxydot

The Occult Shop: website Full Moon gatherings and high pagan holiday rituals. We also organize Parties and Festivals. Contact: Rev. Banshee

Green Dome Temple: website contact: GDT

Ohio Healers Circle: contact: Selene website Founded Feb.1.2001,a group for healers of all paths,from the Ohio,Kentucky,Indiana areas. To provide a forum for healing, teaching and service to the community, public at large. Requests/petitions/can be posted/made to the elist or at the Ohio Healers Circle meetings. The O.H.C is for adults only, childern 15 and older are permitted with parent/s must sign a release form. Meetings are free and held once monthly, at Mt.Echo Park,4:30pm-6:00pm,on the Sunday nearest the Fullmoon, location Cincinnati Ohio.

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