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"Greets from Goths"

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(All art is Copy Written by Banshee, unless otherwise specified. DO NOT steal... Or she will Curse you!)

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Vampires Happy Bday forlorn cheer up
  Vampires   Happy BDay   Forlorn   Cheer up!

SandMan slt Magick Man Goth Art
  SandMan   Goth Slut   Magick Man   Goth Art

Demon Vamp male_goth Elvis Bday1
  Demon Vamp   Male Goth   Elvis Greet   Bday 2

Priestess Deep thought Breaking Up? My Pet
  Priestess   Deep Thought   Breaking Up?   U R my Fav Pet

Man Luna O so Goth CLue
  Man   Faery   Oh so Goth   Sinister

The amazing art below was created by Queenie of Queenie's Castle.

Blue Death Fruit War
  Blue   Death   Fruit   War

Sacrifice Prostitute liar Flower
  Sacrifice   Prost   Liar   Flower

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