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With her first book release, TO RIDE A SILVER BROOMSTICK, Silver began a journey that has taken her across the United States and into Canada to audiences of thousands. Her books have become a standard reference for persons studying Witchcraft, including use in the study of Witchcraft in colleges and Universities, and can be read in seven languages (English, German, Spanish, Danish, Portuguese, Russian and Polish). She is a favorite guest on media talk shows and grants hundreds of interviews every year to broadcast, magazine and newspapers across the United States. Whether the New York Times, or a home town publication, Silver has always been ready to share her knowledge with those interested in the Old Religion and its new prototype, Wicca, and defend the freedoms of Wiccan and Pagan people. For over fifteen years she was the Director of the Wiccan/Pagan Press Alliance and the publisher of the organization's quarterly newsletter -- Of Writers and Witches and served as the Director of the now defunct WADL (Witches Anti-Discrimination League) for five years.
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